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Understand your customers, build lasting relationships, and deliver personal experiences. You’ll outlearn, outlove, and outsell your competition with Adduco.

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We help you surface the people, actions and connections from the data sitting in your lap to give you ultimate clarity on your audience’s traits. Get started with real-time, scalable product analytics with an extensive suite of integrations, enterprise-grade security, and best-in-class customer success.

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Our software helps brands target their perfect customer

Meet the real time needs of your customers

Adduco helps brands pool their data to map on a visual canvas, built for discoverability and bolstered with powerful campaign creation features.

Marketing Automation

Personalise and send messages at scale without compromising customer relationships.

Audience Growth

Maximise ROI by keeping your existing customers coming back with detailed insights and actions.

Powerful Insights

Turn digital footprints into predictive detailed stories tailored to customers wants and needs.

Explore Data

Combine incomplete, small or weak sources of data into a more complete picture.

Drive Engagement

Leverage influencer communities to create one-to-one customer conversations that foster long-term loyalty.

Personalised Distribution

Influence decision-making and utilise assistive tools to create messages that speak to personalities on a 1:1 scale.

Capture Insight and Deliver Relevance

When customers demand everything immediately, knowing context is essential — who, what, where, and when. Adduco provides the visibility you need to understand your customers preferences, backed with the tools to deliver relevance to them simultaneously across multiple touch-points.

Deliver content to personalities

Capture Insight and Deliver Relevance

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