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Surface new personas, build better relationships and deliver personalised experiences. Uncover the full picture and discover tomorrow's customers, today.

Easy Customer Personas

Effortlessly surface the traits, actions and sentiment from the data sitting in your lap to give you ultimate clarity on your customers tastes and needs. Get started with real-time, scalable product analytics with an extensive suite of integrations, enterprise-grade security, and best-in-class customer success.

Our software helps brands target their perfect customer

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See your data framed on an insightful, actionable canvas mapped for ultimate decision-making. You can customise how sources are displayed or stitched together to infill any data inconsistencies.

Connect. Surface. Action.
Connect. Surface. Action.

Meet the real-time needs of your customers and pool your data on the visual canvas: built for discoverability and bolstered with powerful segmentation tools. Paid plans can enjoy our full suite of integrations -

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Personalise Experiences

When customers demand everything immediately, knowing context is essential — who, what, where, and when. Adduco provides the visibility you need to understand your customers preferences, backed with the tools to deliver relevance to them simultaneously across multiple touch-points.

Personalise Experiences

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We are building a family of consumer and digital brands who are pioneering new standards in data utilisation and customer engagement.

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