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Pricing custom–tailored for every stage of your business.

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  • Insights Canvas
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  • Insights Canvas
  • Audience Builder
  • Campaign Composer
  • Loyalty Engine
  • Custom Dashboard + Reports
  • Dedicated CSM
  • From 250k MTUs

Included in Every Plan

Adduco gets along with pretty much any data source, marketing tool or analytics platform that you use.
With a deep suite of solutions, you’ll find an answer to every problem your marketing strategy has.

Connect. Surface. Action.
Connect. Surface. Action.


Aggregate smarter, faster, and wider


Connect platforms like Facebook Ads, Salesforce, Marketo, and more

Tracked Users

Track up to 250k personas within your trove of data


Consolidate personas & uncover value

Insights canvas

Build, segment, and win with a 360° view of your audience

Dedicated Success

Playbooks, use-cases, and support to uncover your strategies for success


Execute and personalise everywhere

Sentiment Analysis

Listen, track, and understand the effects of your posts


Deliver intelligent ads, and design content journeys with visual builders

Social Networks

Audience Tools

Advertising Tools



Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of an annual plan?

If you are on a monthly billing plan, your bill may fluctuate month-to-month based on your user activity. Adduco's annual plans allows you to purchase MTUs at a discounted rate. Exceeding the allocated number of MTUs on a annual plan may incur additional charges.

Is there a free trial for paid plans?

Yes! Adduco provides a free 14-day trial for the Brand plan, giving you access to Adduco's full suite of features. To try the Brand or Enterprise plan, please contact our sales team.

How are MTUs calculated by Adduco?

We calculate Monthly Tracked Users by adding together the number unique user IDs and number of unique anonymous IDs that you track with Adduco. Adduco only counts users once per month, even if they perform multiple actions across your sources.

How can I estimate my MTUs?

To estimate your MTU count, add together your monthly active users and the number of anonymous visitors you get per month. You can view your usage at any time from your Adduco dashboard.

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